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Tax information:

The Village of Luckey
Income Tax Department
226 Main Street
P.O. Box 266
Luckey, OH 43443

Telephone: (419) 833-8721
Fax: (419) 833-8701

1. Answers to frequently asked questions:

  1. Effective January 1, 2013, ordinance number 755 dated 12/4/2013 deletes tax credits for earnings taxed by other municipalities.
  2. Individual tax filing date is April 15.
  3. Late filing penalty is $5.00 per month. Filing is not complete until all balances are paid.
  4. Balances due after April 15 will be charged 2 percent per month (1 percent interest and 1 percent penalty).
  5. Please use the Village of Luckey tax return printed from the Village of Luckey website.
  6. If an extension is needed, please file a copy of your IRS extension and make an estimated payment of the balance due by April 15.
  7. Village income tax preparation assistance is available if requested.
  8. The income tax rate for the Village of Luckey is 1 percent on total wages, salaries, bonuses, incentive payments, sick pay that is paid by the employer, and lottery, wagering, and gambling winnings greater than $1000.
  9. There are no federal or state deferrals allowed for Village tax purposes.
  10. Please read your W-2 correctly for the correct wages for Village purposes. Generally, box 5 will correctly state Village of Luckey wages.
  11. All wages are taxable; there are no age exemptions.
  12. The Village of Luckey is considered the domicile for students not living at home. Therefore, they must pay Village taxes.
  13. Please attach 1099’s and W-2s to your tax return.
  14. The Village does not allow offsetting W-2 income with business or rental losses.
  15. Business and rental losses can be carried forward for five years.

2. Answers to frequently asked questions by Businesses

Luckey businesses are required to withhold and remit the tax on a quarterly basis. Also all businesses coming into the Village limits to perform a service shall withhold and remit on a quarterly basis.

A generic withholding form is available on online unless requested by mail.

Late quarterly filing and payments could lead to legal action.

An annual generic W3 Reconciliation form is required to be filed by businesses withholding for Village residents.

The due date of the W3 is January 31. W-2s and 1099s must be included with the W3 reconciliation form.

3. Answers to frequently asked questions by renters

If renting, please list your landlord’s name and address. Be specific when listing the date you came into or left the Village of Luckey.

Renters must follow all applicable Village of Luckey tax ordinances.

4. Correspondence

If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 419-833-8721 at the Village of Luckey tax office (fax 419-833-8701), or email me at

Appointments are made upon request.

When mailing tax returns please put your name and full address on your tax return with your Box number on the line just before the City and State. The mail in Luckey is now sorted by Box number.

Raymond Metcalf, Tax Commissioner
Village of Luckey

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