Refuse Bid Packet (PDF)

N.A.T. shall call at each dwelling unit, commercial establishment and industry that is in good standing with the Village, excepting those who have qualified for exemption from the charge by sworn affidavit, at least once in every week for the trash generated in a normal 7 day period. This does not include cleaning out of garages, attics, sheds or households. This is not an unlimited pickup. Holidays observed are New Years, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving & Christmas. Refuse service will be delayed if any of these days fall on or before the pickup day in any given week (excluding Saturday or Sunday).

Curbside recycling for materials will end with the 9/24/09 pickup. Recycling of tin cans, glass, plastic, and aluminum cans will be the 4th Saturday of the month from 8 am to 12 noon starting October near the Post Office. Curbside ORGANIC RECYCLING will begin 10/1/09. These are Orange lidded containers supplied by N.A.T. Please call 800-332-2783 for an Organic Recycling container.

Refuse to be picked up shall be in a N.A.T. supplied container sitting free of obstructions for the automated arm to reach. It shall include wastes generated from the household/business during a 7-day period as long as they are in good standing with the Village and not exempt from pickups. Arrangements must be made through the Village if you are in need for more than one receptacle.

Prior arrangements must be made with N.A.T. for pick up of large appliances, furniture, or the like. Items with freon(Fridge, Freezer, De-humidifier, A/C units) have an additional $25.00 charge; however, you may arrange to take it directly to N.A.T. and there will be no charge. Call N.A.T. for details 800-332-2783

It shall not include trees, brush, leaves, grass, automobile parts, human sewage, animal offal, dead animals or livestock, broken cement, large rocks, sod or dirt, long pipes or other building material. Other arrangements may be made with N.A.T.
Receptacles will be supplied by N.A.T. to insure serviceability by the automated truck. If you always have more than the container holds, call N.A.T. for options. Other containers must not be more than 30 gallon plastic or metal and not exceed fifty(50) pounds.